Launching Into The Fleurieu

Tegan and Darren!

In March of this year, Darren and I took on this buzzing little business by the name of Convenient Chef. We were experienced in our own fields - Darren with his "Cheffing" background and me with my business and management background.

We jumped in with both feet and it was sink or swim! There were things we loved and things we wanted to change but being the impatient Gen Y's that we are, we want it all now! Impatient Gen Y's..maybe! But realistic - Yes ! We knew hard work was imminent and the nights with minimal sleep were increasing but as we keep chipping away at our passion we are moving forward with one little win at a time.

We have learnt that patience is a virtue - you NEVER know what could be around the corner! We now have a greater capacity to put out more meals and supply more people with quality food and we have met some wonderful people along the way. The locals have shared their knowledge, their experience and their friendship - Thank You!

So step by step we have begun building the foundations of our own little business and are thrilled to be a part of the Fleurieu Penninsula community.

Helping our customers to eat good, nutritious food in a 'no fuss' way is proving to be more rewarding than we could imagine.

There are many members of our community who cannot cook the food their bodies need weather though impairment, being time poor or just not having the 'know how'. But everyone has to eat and they should be eating well! SO, that is why we are here - Cooking beautiful, wholesome, 'home style' food for people to be able to consume in the comfort of their own homes. We deliver to those who are not able to make it out of their homes and we take great joy in being able to have a business that supports the community.

So, come and say 'Hi' , we are enjoying meeting the people of the Fleurieu !

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